Privacy Policy
rev 31/10/2019

We recommend reading the documents called “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” prior to downloading the application and using our services.


The “Terms of Use” apply to the use of the WiFi Magic application, in a free or paid manner, for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and similar devices), which use the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems

Acceptance of the “Terms of Use” as described below is IMPERATIVE for any form of use of the application.

Privacy Policy

This document contains guidelines on protection of “User” data, regarding the use of the “Application” for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and similar devices, which use the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems.

This “Privacy Policy” is an integral part of our “Terms of Use” and its acceptance is IMPERATIVE to the use of the application.

Should you NOT agree with any term or condition of this “Privacy Policy” or of the “Terms of Use”, DO NOT USE the “Application”.

1. Collected and Stored Information

The “Application” may collect and store personal information of the “User, such as: Name, nationality, residence, electronic address, age, telephone number, interests and activities.

It may also collect and store information sent by the “User”, such as suggestions, questions or complaints, as well as information of use of the “Application” such as IP address, mobile device operating system, access times, services used and pages visited, as well as personal data supplied on third parties, should the “User” use the “Application” to communicate with other people.

The “User”, when using the “Application”, may receive cookies and other technologies for their mobile devices with the purpose of facilitating the update of the “Application”, allowing its customization and also suggesting additional resources, with the purpose of improving it.

We may also collect location information, such as your device GPS coordinates, unless you configure your device operating system settings to prevent our collection of location information. We use this information to enhance the services we offer, provide targeted advertising, and to help us understand how people use the Site and Services.

2. Use of Data Collected

Data collected is used to send to the “User” updates, suggestions and news; to monitor, manage and improve the services offered; to deliver products and services requested of their interest; to open and manage their account; to render support; to carry out publicity activities; to process and deal with any comments and complaints; to enforce our “Terms of Use” and our “Privacy Policy”; and to fulfill demands of public authorities.

That information may also be used by third parties to customize ads in this app for instance if your device is often located at or near music venues, you might receive offers for music tickets (even when you are not at a music venue). The information also may be used for market or other research regarding aggregated traffic patterns: for instance, a company that analyzes shopping trends might use the information to learn whether more or fewer devices are seen near malls or in other shopping districts.

3. Information Sharing

As provided for in the “Terms of Use”, the “User” authorizes the use of their content, which may be shared with third parties, which, on their turn, may use the information, publicly or not.

Personal information, such as name and electronic address is not made available to third parties, such as, for instance: Collaborators and service providers, except when they are imperative for the performance of their tasks or when dealing with a judicial order, or similar process, issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or by a governmental agency.

Service providers are not authorized to supply or use information to any other purpose beyond the performance of the work they have been hired to do.

Information may also be shared with a controlling company, subsidiaries, joint ventures or other controlled companies.

All those with access to said shared information must fulfill this “Privacy Policy”.

4. Opensignal

Opensignal collects data on mobile network coverage and performance. Opensignal uses the crowdsourced data collected from users’ devices to publish reports and metrics on mobile network experience. You can see Opensignal’s reports here:

Opensignal is the independent global standard for measuring real-world mobile network experience. Opensignal believes that measuring how the network performs directly through users’ eyes is key to building better wireless networks.

To read more about the data collected by Opensignal and our privacy policy please follow the link

5. X-Mode

X-Mode Social, Inc. collects and passes to third parties a variety of information for use as described below:

What’s Collected: Precise location information (such as your device GPS coordinates), relative location information (from WiFi signals or Bluetooth Low Energy devices in your proximity, for example), device-based advertising identifiers, information about your mobile device such as type of device, operating system version and type, device settings, time zone, carrier and IP address.

When We Collect It: When the app is in use or running in the background.

How We Use and Share It: We and other third parties may use the information (a) to customize ads in this or other apps (for instance, if your device is often located at or near music venues, you might receive offers for music tickets); (b) to measure effectiveness of those ads, or (c) for market, civic or other research regarding aggregated traffic patterns (for instance, a company that analyzes shopping trends might want to learn whether more or fewer devices are seen near malls or in other shopping districts).

How To Opt Out: To opt-out of X-Mode’s data collection, (1) follow the instructions in X-Mode’s Privacy Policy, or (2) for a platform-based opt-out of interest-based or “personalized” advertising, go to your device settings and opt out of interest-based or personalized advertising (iOS: Settings → General → Privacy → Advertising →Limit Ad-Tracking; Android: Settings → Google → Ads → Opt out of Ads Personalization). You may also prevent location from being collected by this or other apps through your location permission settings.

To read more about the data collected by X-Mode and our privacy policy please follow the link

6. Data Made Available by the Users

Third parties may be invited to use the “Application”, by submitting data by the “User”, who expressly states to do so freely and also ensure to possess the express consent of said third party to do so. The “User” shall not be entitled to any compensation as a result of submitting such information.

7. Privacy Settings

The “User” may, at any time, change their privacy settings and information options.

All business information sent to the “User” by the “Application” shall contain the option of not receiving them anymore.

8. Publicity of Advertisers, Partners or Links to other Sites.

Terms provided for in this “Privacy Policy” do not apply to advertisements or links to pages of third parties, advertisers or not, which may be connected to the “Application”, each one responding for their own policies and conducts.

The “User” is fully responsible for access to said offers or links, and must, therefore, read carefully the privacy policy of those responsible for the publications, upon browsing their pages.

9. Data Protection

“User” data is protected by passwords exclusively created by the “User” upon previous registration, imperative to the use of the “Application”.

Under no event the content of such information will be disclosed, except when dealing with a judicial order, or similar process, issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or by a government agency. User data may also be made available to those who need it for their tasks, such as, for instance: Collaborators and service providers.

No judicial order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or request of governmental agency shall be questioned.

The “User” states and acknowledges that they shall use their password responsibly, not disclosing it, neither allowing third parties to use it without authorization, and understands that they shall not be entitled to any indemnification for damage caused by any interception of data submitted through their Internet connection.

Giving the foregoing, the “User” is recommended, in the attempt of reducing risks of interception and unauthorized access to their account, to:

  1. Access their account through safe connections and never trust their passwords to third parties;
  2. Always log-off, as soon as stopping using it;
  3. Never disclose or supply your “User” identification to access any application, site or link different from the “Application”; and
  4. Avoid sharing or making available secret information in your “User” account, mainly in unprotected environments, which facilitale data interception.

10. Trusted Partners

11. Amendments

This “Privacy Policy” may be amended at any time, regardless of previous communication, reason why the “User” is recommended to read continuously this document in order to keep up-to-date with the protection of information collected and shared. The document shall be available at Apple’s Appstore.

All amendments shall become effective ten (10) days after the publication of the updated version of the “Privacy Policy”.

The continued use of the “Application” shall be considered as a full tacit acceptance of the latest version of this “Privacy Policy”, as well as the “Terms of Use”.

Should you not agree with any amendment to this “Privacy Policy”, DO NOT USE the “Application”.